Monday, 19 February 2018

The Blogspot Stack for Stacks with RapidWeaver

As a replacement for the old RapidBlog from Loghound , I created a replacement, named Blogspot.

Although RapidBlog was a page-plugin for Realmac's RapidWeaver , my replacement is a stack, for use with YourHead's Stacks-plugin .

Read all about it here

The advantage now, is that:
  • You don't have to add new posts inside RapidWeaver. Blogger is much better for that purpose.
  • It's mobile-friendly
  • By using Stacks, you can place a Blogger-blog anywhere in the content-area of the page.
  • It's fast
  • No usernames and passwords required to login to Blogger.
  • Blogspot.stack displays any public accessible Blogspot-domain.